God has blessed our lives richly through the years. Below is an index with links provided for the following details. Click on a title or image to read more.

David and Judy’s Early Years
The first time we remember meeting actually occurred at a wedding.



Our Wedding
Ironically we were married in the same small country church in Scarboro, Illinois where our lives crossed as kids.



Life Before Kids
And we thought we would never have children!

The Birth of Emily
This was the most significant event since our marriage.


Then Betsy, Then Naphy
God continued to bless us with a full house and a very full schedule.

Setbacks are a part of life.


The Good Life
We had some of our best memories when the kids were between 4 and 12 years old.



The Later Years
Seeing our kids grow up is a mixed blessing. The struggle is worth it.


Recent Posts

Christmas Greetings 2012

Christmas-Card_12-11-12After 33 years of the Squier Christmas photo cards, our Thanksgiving photo shoot was pre-empted by the birth of a new grandson, Nico Christian. Yes, Elizabeth and Beau are busy parents and Granny Goose (Judy) and Pops (David) love having their family nearby. We see our other daughters and their spouses during frequent trips to the SF Bay Area. And in between Judy is busy writing another book while David catches up on some of the things he missed during 40 years at Lockheed.

Above photo from left to right: Judy, David, Emily, Jeremy, Beau & Elizabeth with Luka, Brianna, and a newborn Nico, Naphy & Andrew.

Squier and GrandchildrenCelebrating 2 Births in 2012 – Nico & Jesus!


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