The Good Life

The Good Life

Our bookcase at Sheep’s Rest contains 75 scrapbooks chronicling the Squier Family story. Memories of the Good Life God gave us. The best years, unanimously, were when the girls were little, preadolescence. Suddenly we had ballerinas, soccer and basketball players, skiers, gymnasts, Brownies, musicians, artists – all under one roof. Papa’s thing was to load us in the family van for loooong drives to Illinois via the national parks. Amidst the glory of seeing America, were moans and squabbles but now we all remember the good old days. Mom’s surprise was being chosen with two other Americans dealing with disability to receive the Anschutz Award in 1991 in Washington D.C. from Focus on the Family and Family Research Council. The entire family enjoyed an all-expenses-paid vacation and then some.

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Christmas Greetings 2012

Christmas-Card_12-11-12After 33 years of the Squier Christmas photo cards, our Thanksgiving photo shoot was pre-empted by the birth of a new grandson, Nico Christian. Yes, Elizabeth and Beau are busy parents and Granny Goose (Judy) and Pops (David) love having their family nearby. We see our other daughters and their spouses during frequent trips to the SF Bay Area. And in between Judy is busy writing another book while David catches up on some of the things he missed during 40 years at Lockheed.

Above photo from left to right: Judy, David, Emily, Jeremy, Beau & Elizabeth with Luka, Brianna, and a newborn Nico, Naphy & Andrew.

Squier and GrandchildrenCelebrating 2 Births in 2012 – Nico & Jesus!


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