Recent News

Recent News

Significant events of 2011 & 2012 for David & Judy, Emily & Jeremy, Elizabeth and Naphtalie include:

David & Judy

The end of summer 2011, David was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Off we went to Loma Linda Medical Center in southern California for nine weeks of proton therapy. Treatment was more of a vacation than one would expect and we are passionate about informing friends and family about this medical option for prostate cancer. Contact us with any questions. I, Judy, have had my busiest speaking year and love it. Presently, I am working on Book #2 and hopefully a Brianna Cole children’s series.


Emily & Jeremy Cross

Emily and Jeremy are enjoying their cabin in Scotts Valley while building a wonderful community in Santa Cruz. Emily is treasuring her work at Employment and Community Options where she works with Adults with Developmental Disabilities.  She is still working towards becoming licensed as a Marriage Family Therapist by preparing for the two big exams.  Jeremy is on his fifth year at Rhythm and Moves as a Physical Education Teacher. Both love to take their dog Pippin camping, hiking and relaxing in the beautiful great outdoors.


Elizabeth, Beau, Brianna & Luka

Their family just keeps growing! Bri and Luka are the most precious grandchildren one could ask for. We grandparents are so thankful the family lives just 45 minutes away!


Naphy & Andrew Joiner

Naphy got married to Andrew on 9/10/11 and is very much enjoying married life. She and Andrew are living in the parent’s condo in Mountain View, CA. Naphy is continuing her freelance graphic design work with Scatter Joy Designs as well as working part time as an admin for United in Purpose. She is also continuing her pursuit in learning more about photography (view some of her work at Scatter Joy Photos). Andrew is working as a nurse in a mental health hospital in San Jose and preparing to go to RN school later this year. He also is a freelance video game expert (in his opionion at least)!

Joshua Gunther von Squier III & Gretel Grace von Squier I

Josh and Gretel have made many trips back and forth between their homes in Grants Pass and Mountain View in the last years. They enjoy the condo in Mountain View. However, they most prefer their home in Grants Pass where Gretel can hunt for lizards in the backyard and Josh can chase tennis balls til his heart is content. They are the most precious doxies one could ask for!

Recent Posts

Christmas Greetings 2012

Christmas-Card_12-11-12After 33 years of the Squier Christmas photo cards, our Thanksgiving photo shoot was pre-empted by the birth of a new grandson, Nico Christian. Yes, Elizabeth and Beau are busy parents and Granny Goose (Judy) and Pops (David) love having their family nearby. We see our other daughters and their spouses during frequent trips to the SF Bay Area. And in between Judy is busy writing another book while David catches up on some of the things he missed during 40 years at Lockheed.

Above photo from left to right: Judy, David, Emily, Jeremy, Beau & Elizabeth with Luka, Brianna, and a newborn Nico, Naphy & Andrew.

Squier and GrandchildrenCelebrating 2 Births in 2012 – Nico & Jesus!


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