Christmas Greetings 2012

Christmas-Card_12-11-12After 33 years of the Squier Christmas photo cards, our Thanksgiving photo shoot was pre-empted by the birth of a new grandson, Nico Christian. Yes, Elizabeth and Beau are busy parents and Granny Goose (Judy) and Pops (David) love having their family nearby. We see our other daughters and their spouses during frequent trips to the SF Bay Area. And in between Judy is busy writing another book while David catches up on some of the things he missed during 40 years at Lockheed.

Above photo from left to right: Judy, David, Emily, Jeremy, Beau & Elizabeth with Luka, Brianna, and a newborn Nico, Naphy & Andrew.

Squier and GrandchildrenCelebrating 2 Births in 2012 – Nico & Jesus!


Spring-Summer 2012 Squier Updates

Sunrise, Sunset quickly have flown the years.
Forty-four years ago David and Judy got hitched.
Add to that three daughters, three sons-in-law and two grands…
God’s blessings are exceedingly abundant.

Some Recent Updates:

  • After three months of treatment, David has become an advocate for Loma Linda’s proton therapy treatments for prostate cancer. Need more info? Contact Us or contact Loma Linda University Medical Center at 866-556-1445 or
  • Judy keeps busy with speeches ( about His Majesty in Brokenness and is working on several more book ideas. She loved her recent speeches in San Antonio, meeting Max Lucado and attending his church.
  • The three Squier girls have full lives with work and family. Each one thanks the Lord for the great husbands He gave them. And we all love Brianna and Luka.

Our cup runneth over…

– The Squier Family

Welcome to the New Squier Family Site!

We are in the process of updating our current family website. Hopefully here we will stay more current with updates and keep you posted on the latest happenings of the Squier family!

Latest BIG Announcements:

  1. We have another family member as of December, 2010! Betsy, Beau, and Bri were happy to meet Luka James and what a perfect baby he is indeed!
  2. Judy completed her book, His Majesty in Brokenness! She is so happy to be done and sharing it with others. If you would like to learn more, check out her website at:
  3. Naphy got married to Mr. Andrew Bostick on 9/10/11.

Check back soon for more updates and God Bless!

-The Squier Family